8 Week Keto Fit Challenge

You train hard every day, and your results should show it.


Nic's Transformation

This is Nic pre-keto on the left and post-Keto Fit on the right. The main benefits Nic received from this program:

Body Fat reduction from 20% to 12%

Brain Fog Banished

Fasting Blood Sugar down 

Triglycerides Down

Cholesterol Improved

Energy Improved

Overall Quality of Life Improved

Interested in improving body composition but not ready to commit?


No problem! Check out our FREE 3 Day Keto Fit Guide here. This is a teaser of the Ultimate Keto Fit Guide, and a taste of what you can expect if you do our 8 Week Keto Fit Challenge!

  • Sample 3 days on the program to see if you want more!

  • Learn what a day of strict keto looks like

  • Learn what a day of cyclical keto looks like

Are you more of a do-it-yourself kind of person?

If so, this guide gives you everything you need to:

  • Start keto the best way possible

  • Beat the keto flu

  • Cycle 1: Strict Keto to become a fat burning machine

  • Cycle 2: Cyclical Keto to keep burning fat and improve performance

  • Extremely effective to reduce body fat, maintain or even gain muscle, and fix your metabolism

Are you ready to commit to a new way of life today?​

If so, the 8 Week Keto Fit Challenge includes everything from the Ultimate Keto Fit Guide, plus much more:

  • Lose fat fast and sustainably

  • 30 minute introductory call with a Certified Ketogenic Health Coach

  • Weekly follow up with your coach to stay on track

  • Meal Plans for everyday

  • Personalized Macros

  • Much more!

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8 Week Keto Fit Challenge

The base of the CrossFit Pyramid is nutrition for a reason. It is the foundation upon which successful fitness is built. Learn how to conquer your nutrition for life. 

Burn Fat for Energy

Better Body Composition

Reduced Inflammation

Healthier Metabolism

Rev Up Your Cellular Power from Within

Become Healthy and Fit for Life

This program gives you hands on guidance with transitioning to the ketogenic diet to improve athletic performance.

Achieve your best self starting today. Interested?

Keep up your CrossFit routine and don't miss a beat. Reset your metabolism and learn how to time your carbs to work for you, not against you. After this challenge you will be empowered to stay fit and healthy for life. We give you the tools and skills to build healthy and effective habits to keep your nutrition on track for good.

This program includes the following:

  • Keto Fit Guide: A comprehensive guide to utilizing ketosis with high-intensity exercise

  • Over 40 quick and easy recipes with Macros personalized to your goals

  • Meal plans for every single day of the 8 week challenge

  • Weekly shopping lists

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Community

  • 30-minute phone consultation with a Certified Ketogenic Health Coach

  • Weekly check-ins with your Certified Health Coach

  • On-going support and contact to help you bust through any plateaus 

  • Guides to strategic supplementation

  • Cycle 1: Strict Keto

  • Cycle 2: Cyclical Keto

Discover the science of how the ketogenic diet can improve your health and performance for high intensity exercise.

Join our Keto Fit program today!

Body Composition

Improved Neural Function

Enhanced Mitochondrial Function

Reduced Inflammation

More Efficient Energy Utilization

Enhanced Well-Being