Ancestral Supplements

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We have completely fallen in love with a company called Ancestral Supplements! They provide whole organ extracts from grassfed cows living off the lush environment of New Zealand. The philosophy of Ancestral Supplements is simple but brilliant: "putting back in what the modern world left out to return people back to strength, health and happiness." Throughout all of human history, up until very recently, homo sapiens ate animals from nose-to-tail, meaning they consumed EVERYTHING! With today's world and modern palate, it can be extremely hard to fill your nutritional voids with real food that we no longer have a taste for, and that's where Ancestral Supplements shines. They offer the highest quality extracts to help you reclaim your health. In addition to being the most nutrient dense, bio-available sources of nutrition on the planet, the extracts also operate under the principle that "like supports like." This means that by consuming liver, you are actually strengthening your own liver by providing it with the essential nutrients, enzymes, co-factors, etc. that it needs to thrive. 

As the Founder of Ancestral Supplements, Brian "Liver King" Johnson says,"we are genus Homo (the baddest mammalian predators that ever lived.)"  Let's reclaim our health and live up to our promise!

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