8 Incredible Benefits of Ketosis

Lose Weight

This is the most widely known benefit. There have been many studies performed on weight loss and the ketogenic diet. The initial weight loss is due to water weight and less bloating, and long-term weight loss come from the loss of body fat. 

Lower Blood Sugar and Improve Type II Diabetes

Studies confirm that a group of diabetic volunteers were able to reduce or entirely stop their use of diabetes medications following a 6-month ketogenic diet protocol. Many people also report better blood sugar levels on the ketogenic diet. 

Improve Cholesterol and Reduce Triglycerides

Natural, healthy fats are part of a healthy diet. Cholesterol is healthy, and you should strive for high HDL, high large particle LDL, and a small amount of low, dense LDL particles. Triglycerides are the link to heart disease. In most cases, the ketogenic diet help raise HDL and lower triglycerides. 

Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

A meta-analysis of many clinical trials found that a ketogenic diet results in beneficial effects on various cardiovascular risk factors. 

Increase Cognitive Performance

Not only does ketosis improve brain function in the mentally impaired, but it also enhances brain function in healthy individuals by increasing efficiency and energy production of the mitrochondria in the brain. 

Prevent Neurodegeneration

Studies have found that the ketogenic diet helps increase the production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which helps improve synaptic plasticity and helps your brain function more efficiently. 

Help Treat Cancer

Several studies have found that the ketogenic diet can help enhance the effects of traditional cancer treatments, and can even potentially prevent certain types of cancers from forming.

Become a Better Athlete

Studies have found that the ketogenic diet can actually enhance metabolic functions and markers, as well as enhance physical output, especially for endurance athletes. 

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