Keto Supplement Guide

The Ketogenic Diet, when properly planned and implemented, is an extremely nutritious, balanced diet composed of whole foods, with little to no unhealthy processed foods at all. However, even when eating the healthiest diet possible, you are still likely to have certain micro-nutrient deficiencies. This is due to the fact that the food of today is very nutrient depleted compared to food even just 100 years ago. Mass farming practices have stripped soil of many its nutrients, leaving our modern day diet lacking in certain vitamins and minerals. In addition, if you have a specific goal, such as an athletic goal to gain muscle, it may be necessary to add in additional supplementation to reach your health and wellness goals. Check out below to find the supplements we have found to be the most useful to make your nutrition top notch during your Keto Lifestyle.

Keto Essentials

The single most critical component of feeling great during Keto and maintaining optimal nutrient intake is to maintain your electrolyte balance. The most critical electrolytes for your body to function optimally are Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium. Taking your electrolytes on a daily basis can also help stave off Keto Flu during your initial transition.


The following supplements are what we find to be the most useful:

Need to Have


Potassium Citrate

Helps with electrolyte balance, which can be tricky on keto. Especially important to prevent keto flu and during periods of intense exercise or sweating. This supplement provides your body with the Sodium and Potassium it needs to function optimally.

Magnesium Glycinate

Also a critical electrolyte. This provides your body with essential Magnesium. Great for exercise and sleep.


Digestive Enzymes

Needed initially because your body does not produce adequate amounts of fat-digesting enzymes. Once your body adjusts, you can cut back on the digestive enzymes supplementation.


MCT Oil Powder

Provides the body with a quick source of energy that is instantly converted to ketones.

Ideal source of fat throughout your Ketogenic Journey.



Nice to Have



Natural adaptogenic herb that regulates your body's response to stress. Also a natural libido booster. You are going to thank us for this one.


Helps transport fat into your mitochondria more efficiently. Also a natural nootropic and male fertility enhancer.


Exogenous Ketones

Helps with energy, and gets your body into a more efficient fat-burning mode faster.

Also full of electrolytes and useful if you overindulged or had a carb heavy meal.

Ideal for pre-workouts while your body is transitioning into ketosis.



Your insurance to make sure you are covering all your nutritional bases.


Keto Collagen

Great for joints, connective tissue, skin, muscles and makes an excellent dessert.


Bone Broth

All the same benefits as collagen, plus a natural source of electrolytes.


Blood Sugar Support

Helps control blood sugar and insulin. Ideal keto complement.


Hefty dose of greens and antioxidants.

Icing on the Keto Cake


Keto Preworkout

Helps build a better pump and enhances endurance.


Muscle building and nootropic.


Muscle building.


Fish Oil

Brain and cardiovascular health. Natural anti-aging supplement.

Anti-Inflammatory Curcumin

This supplement is a natural anti-inflammatory from Turmeric. This is a purified and concentrated form to banish your inflammation!