Kitchen Essentials

The Ketogenic Diet requires a lot of cooking at home in order to ensure you and your family are consuming the healthiest, best tasting meals possible. This means your kitchen needs to be in tip top shape. Check out below to see some of our recommended Kitchen Essentials


This is an essential tool for mixing your eggs, preparing your desserts and much more!


Chef's Knife

With all the chopping you are going to be doing, it is definitely worth it to invest in a top-notch knife you will have for life.



So important for your morning fatfuel coffee/tea, smoothies, sauces, and side dishes!



Save yourself some time and let the Crockpot do all the work while you are out of the house.


Dutch Oven

A multi-purpose kitchen tool that can easily go between the oven and stove top!


Ceramic Skillet

A good, non-stick and non-toxic skillet is critical for your new Keto Lifestyle (aka Eggs!)


Glass Tupperware

With all the bulk food preparation you are going to be doing, you'll want a safe, non-toxic place to store your daily meals.



This may sound more like a luxury, but we use our KitchenAid for everything from mixing our fathead dough to blending meatballs to making fresh, unsweetened whipped cream. You won't regret this investment!


Oven-Safe Casserole Dish

Excellent for cooking fish, meats, veggies, and more in the oven!


Cast Iron Skillet

These are just plain cool.


Green Spoon Set
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White Casserole Dish 3
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Green Silicone Whisk
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Small Green Vegetable Knife
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White Tableware
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Cooking Eggs
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White Vintage Kitchenwear
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Blackberry and Lemon Detox
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