This program is for the CrossFit athlete that hits it hard multiple days a week, but just isn't getting the body composition and health goals that they want to achieve.


Everything you need to transition into ketosis smoothly, maintain your exercise routine, lose stubborn body fat, reduce inflammation, and feel great!


The 8 Week Keto Fit Challenge includes:


  • Keto Fit Guide: A comprehensive guide to utilizing ketosis with high-intensity exercise

  • Over 40 quick and easy recipes with Macros personalized to your goals

  • Meal plans for every single day of the 8 week challenge

  • Weekly shopping lists

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Community

  • 30-minute phone consultation with a Certified Health Coach

  • Weekly check-ins with your Certified Health Coach

  • On-going support and contact to help you bust through any plateaus 

  • Guides to strategic supplementation

  • Cycle 1: Strict Keto

  • Cycle 2: Cyclical Keto

8 Week Keto Fit Challenge

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  • Due to the  nature of this digital product, as soon as you purchase it, you have unlimited access to our Keto Fit Guide, so there are no refunds allowed after purchase.