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When we were growing up, we were never concerned about “toxins” in the home. We crawled on that carpet and licked that hard-floor. We would use the floor as a plate and thought “off-gassing” was just what happened after a hearty meal.

Fast forward to today, and there are toxins everywhere you turn in the house! From lead lined goods, to harmful paint and carpets, the air in our homes is a toxic wasteland. We are doing our best to reduce harmful articles in our home and want to include this section to share our journey of how we are doing this; we would also like feedback and ideas from our readers.

From installing air filters, to having plants throughout our home that purify the air, we are taking small, manageable steps to try and make our home a cozy, happy, and healthy place for us to live with our fur children!

Yours Truly,


The Millennial Methods Family

Image above: Our dining room, Santa Fe, NM, May 2014, photo taken by Lindsay Archuleta

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