Sustainable Cleaning

Did you end up purchasing an LED bulb to be more energy efficient?! I hope so!

Another idea to live a more sustainable lifestyle is to use sustainable cleaning products.

The next time you restock on household cleaner, go with a sustainable option, such as the brand Seventh Generation.

Why, do you ask?

  1. Lower the health risks in your home associated with using traditional cleaning products that normally contain toxins.

  2. Reduce waste by buying products from companies that use recycled packaging.

  3. Decrease the amount of environmental degradation by supporting companies that follow sustainable practices.

Here you can find one example of a sustainable household cleaning solution: Seventh Generation Multi-Surface Cleaner.

Below is a video from Seventh Generation about their Mission to Change the World.

We use sustainable products as much as possible in our home. Some of our favorite brands include: Seventh Generation, Method, Nature's Power, and Dr. Bronner's. Some of these environmentally friendly cleaning products can actually be more effective than their conventional counterparts. Some of the antibacterial products from Method clean as good or better than any traditional alternative.

This is a simple way to help support the environment and also get that house in order!

Happy Cleaning!

Nic and Lindsay

The MM Family

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