Steel Water Bottles

How did you do with purchasing a sustainable household cleaning product?! Hopefully next time you restock you can buy a sustainable brand.

Another simple tip to achieve a sustainable lifestyle is to ditch plastic water bottles. Use a refillable, heavy duty, non-plastic water bottle. There are many choices out there today and they are long lasting and can be relatively cheap.

Why, do you ask?

  • Plastic bottles are usually not safe for hot liquids

  • Some plastic bottles can still leach BPA into your water

  • Less plastic in landfills is always a good thing for the planet

Here you can find one example of a high-quality reusable water bottle:

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

Check out the video below about the life of a plastic bottle:

We have almost completely ditched disposable plastic bottles. We have a couple stainless steel options, as well as some old REI reusable Nalgene bottles. These bottles are great for outdoor adventures. One of our bottles is insulated, so it keeps your beverage either nice and hot or nice and cold, depending on what you are looking for. They are also extremely durable and look great!

We hope you implement this minor change into your life on your journey to sustainable living!



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