Plants & Art for the Heart

Something that always brightens up our day, even after a long slog in the office, is to come home to an inviting setting. One thing that really helps liven up a home is to decorate your house with meaningful art and fresh plants. We are lucky enough to have received a few original works of art, and have begun a collection of original photography prints by Lindsay and her brother, Scott. There is something special about having beautiful works of art up on your walls, whether you get lost in thought looking at them or use them as conversation starters, art improves the quality of life.

Below you can find the canvas prints we offer:

Below are the benefits of having art in your home:

  • Art can increase empathy, tolerance, and feelings of love

  • Art improves quality of life, including for people with serious brain disorders

  • Art eases the burden of chronic health conditions

  • Art can be used as medicine (see the video below)

I am also really into house plants, and we have many all around our house. Not only do house plants look nice, but they help purify your air and produce oxygen for you to breathe. Plants greatly enhance the atmosphere within a home. There are also many indoor pollutants floating around, so having some plants helps get rid of pollution --a definite plus!

Below are the benefits of having house plants:

  • Reduce carbon dioxide levels

  • Increase humidity

  • Reduce levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene, and nitrogen dioxide

  • Reduce airborne dust levels

  • Keep air temperatures down

  • Plants help you work better by improving concentration, memory, and productivity

Well folks, I hope I have inspired you to get some art and house plants to help improve your life!



The MM Family

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