The Power of Morning Routines

Morning routines can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal for happiness and self-improvement. With our hectic 8am-5pm lifestyles, it is just so dang hard to get things done. We sleep in to try and get enough sleep, we rush to work, we spend all day running around like a chicken with its head cut off, then we get home late, eat dinner, and just feel like passing out afterwards. Notice, no exercise, no meditation, and no happiness inducing activities have taken place here! One powerful technique that has helped me immensely in feeling better and getting more out of each day is a morning ritual.

Morning rituals don't have to be complex at all, but just having one can improve your day a ton! By starting the day out on the right foot, you have an upper hand in all that you want to accomplish right from the get go.

I have been waking up at 5am to test out the following morning ritual:

Wake up Early

By waking up early, but still getting enough sleep, I already have accomplished more than the majority of people in the world. It is hard to get up early, but can be very rewarding. You are able to fully enjoy personal time, a cup of tea, and start the day on your terms.


I start my morning off with a silent meditation for about 5 minutes. I typically just breathe in to a count of 5 seconds, hold my breath for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds, and repeat. This really helps me just calm my mind first thing in the morning and get primed for the rest of the day.

Positive Affirmations

Saying out loud where I want my life to go and what I want to achieve every morning helps me keep going even when the going gets tough. By reminding myself about all the positive things in my life, and stating out loud what I will accomplish, it helps me work harder to make it a reality. This is another 5 minutes.


This is probably my favorite part of my morning routine. I love to first visualize myself working on the tasks I need to accomplish to create the life I want to live. I then picture myself and my family in our ideal life, with the things that we most desire. I really try to make it feel real, with smells, sights, and feelings of what life will be like when I accomplish my goals. This also helps me keep motivated, by reminding me what I am working towards everyday. This takes about 5 minutes.


You knew this was going to be one of the morning rituals. Exercise is key to everything in life. I start off with a quick set of pull-ups, push ups, and air squats. Nothing too strenuous, but enough to get the blood pumping. Sometimes I will add in a short jog if I am feeling extra ambitious. This takes 15 minutes.



Writing down my thoughts in a journal for 5 minutes helps get out all your thoughts, ideas, concerns, worries, and goals onto paper, so you don't have to pay too much attention to them. Writing can be extremely therapeutic, and there are tons of studies on its benefits. This takes 5 minutes.


Do Something You Want to Do

For me, this is typically reading a book I enjoy or even taking an Epsom Salt Bath if I have sore muscles. The point is, you got to do something you wanted to do, even if the rest of the day gets away from you. This takes anywhere from 5-30 minutes.

By following this basic schedule, I feel much more centered, relaxed, happy, and ready to take on the day! The greatest thing is, it can only take anywhere between 20-60 minutes, depending on your activities. What types of morning activities work best for you?!

Happy Mornings,

The MM Fam

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