The Millennial Health Dilemma and What to Do About It

June 10, 2018

As Millennials, it seems like we literally have everything going against us. We started our careers around the time of the Great Recession. Not only that, but this was perfect timing for massive student loans and high unemployment. We are the most over-educated, under-employed generation in history. We have more anxiety, stress, and depression than any generation at this time in their lives. We are expected to work harder, make less money, and do it with a smile on our faces. 

My Journey to Heal My Gut

June 10, 2018

For as long as I can remember, my life has been ruled by my stomach. Riddled with a constant stream of major stomach and digestive problems beginning as a child, I’ve had issues keeping down my food, and finding foods that wouldn’t send me running to the toilet. By evening, I often couldn’t pull my pants up over my swollen belly, or even stand up straight. I would crawl to my bedroom and try to sleep the pain away. I took numerous trips to the doctor, all in vain.  I was told I was everything from lactose-intolerant to suffering from IBS or IBD, maybe Crohn’s disease, or maybe just an emotional stomach. Every kid loves to hear that. All the pain you are experiencing is just in your head. Over the years, I tried so many different diets to no avail. I tried dairy-free for years, the FODMAPs diet strict to the guidelines, the AIP diet, as well as vegan in which I was so low energy, all I did was sleep and nap. Not the answer, especially during grad school.

Safe, Smart & Effective Supplementation

February 13, 2018

Many people today claim that they get all of their essential nutrients through eating a healthy diet. In fact, Lindsay and I were both this way until January 1, 2018, when we both started religiously tracking our food intake via a handy little app and website called Cronometer. We have always eaten healthy, and we assumed that by eating lots of vegetables everyday, leafy greens every evening, some fruit, eggs, and meats, with minimal carbs, that we were meeting our daily nutrient requirements. We were both absolutely shocked to find out that we are almost always short on key nutrients in our daily diet! 

The Power of Morning Routines

May 18, 2017

Morning routines can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal for happiness and self-improvement. With our hectic 8am-5pm lifestyles, it is just so dang hard to get things done. We sleep in to try and get enough sleep, we rush to work, we spend all day running around like a chicken with its head cut off, then we get home late, eat dinner, and just feel like passing out afterwards. Notice, no exercise, no meditation, and no happiness inducing activities have taken place here! One powerful technique that has helped me immensely in feeling better and getting more out of each day is a morning ritual.

Incredible Facts about Intermittent Fasting

May 13, 2017

What if there was a simple way to live longer, be happier, and beat some types of cancer? Too good to be true, right? You may have heard of Intermittent Fasting (IF) before, but how it actually works often gets misunderstood. IF is a fast growing trend in the fitness a...

Sleep: It's What's for Dinner

May 09, 2017


It is critical for health and normal functioning throughout your day. The average American sleeps 6.8 hours per night, which is an hour less than Americans did 75 years ago. Sleep helps your body and mind recover. It is during sleep your body produces critical hormones, solidifies your memories, repairs itself and resets your circadian rhythm. Chronic sleep deficiency can result in an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

Raising Awareness of Mental Illness

January 18, 2017

Mental illness is a serious health epidemic that gets very little attention. It is often stigmatized and pushed under the rug. This has to change. In order for us to confront our mental health issues, improve upon them, and ultimately, treat them effectively, we have to have an open, honest dialogue about the mental health challenges people face. We can no longer just ignore them or hide them because they are weird, different, or scary.

The Importance of National Parks

May 04, 2017

The National Parks are as American as apple pie. Only joking, apple pie was invented in England in 1381. No, but seriously, the National Parks are an integral part of the American identity, on par even with military budgets. The National Park Service was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson on August 25, 1916. There are officially 417 national park sites in the United States, spanning more than 84 million acres in each state.

Ethical Companies for the Modern Woman

January 12, 2017

Are you proud of the clothing companies you purchase from? We believe that part of being a Millennial is being as responsible of a consumer as possible. One way to do that is to shop from ethical companies. One of the worst industries in terms of human rights violations and working conditions is clothing. We would like to highlight some companies and nonprofits that are doing amazing work to improve the world, as well as offering great products to consumers.

Companies for the Modern Man

January 12, 2017

With this post, I would like to highlight some companies and nonprofits that are doing amazing work to improve the world, as well as offering great products to consumers. I believe that part of being a Millennial is being a responsible consumer. One way to do that is to shop from ethical companies. Human rights violations and working conditions are notoriously bad when it comes to the clothing industry. We are going to change that. Today, we would like to highlight some of the companies we are an affiliate partner with, as we believe in their missions to make the world a better place.

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